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Sumter Humane Society
108 Industrial Blvd.
Americus, GA  31719


Monday       12:00-5:00
Tuesday      12:00-5:00
Wednesday    CLOSED 
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Friday         12:00-5:00
Saturday     12:00-4:00


Donate a Bed
After moving into our new shelter, we soon realized that we did not have enough beds to go around. While we have received many as donations, many of our orphans do not have one. We use blankets and dog beds for them, but they are staying wet and continuously getting chewed to shreds. Please consider donating a Kauranda bed so one more of our "fur angels" can sleep in the comfort that they deserve.
If you would like to donate a bed so another dog can sleep in proper comfort order here.

Are you Traveling?
Sumter Humane Society sends animals to rescue organizations all over the country! Transporting an animal can be a very rewarding experience! Who wouldn't want an adorable one way passenger on their next trip? Contact our Rescue Coordinator at for details!




For Local Animal Complaint
 Dial 911
Ask for Animal Control


Department of Agriculture Phone # 1- 800- 282- 5852
 Ask for Animal Protection.

Animal Rescue Aid - Provides much needed support to non-profit organizations on the frontline of animal rescue, by raising funds, securing resources and building awareness on their behalf.
888-426-4435 - Animal Poison Control Center


Do you have an extra hour a week? You'd be, amazed at what you can do in an hour! Sumter Humane Society needs volunteers in every sense of the word! We need people to do things from washing clothes, to walking dogs, to reception work, to bathing cats (just kidding!) to simply sitting and holding one of our less fortunate cats or dogs. We even need help at special events, fund-raisers, and off-site adoptions. If you can help in any area, please copy and paste our Volunteer Application and email it to our Operations Manager at , or stop by the shelter anytime to pick one up. Volunteers are the life of any organization! Please consider doing your volunteer time with us!


At Sumter Humane Society we are like any other non-profit organization. We need volunteers in a wide range of areas. Please review the list below and let us know what youíre interested in helping us with. Thanks for thinking of our shelter, and most of all, our animals.

Basic Canine & Feline Socialization

There are many areas you can help us with when it comes to working directly with our animals.  If you enjoy spending time with dogs and cats, ours could certainly use some tender loving care.  Spending one on one time with our furry friends will help them become more adoptable and reduce shelter stress by providing exercise, stimulation, and playtime.

Some of the duties involved in socialization of our dogs are:

                Playing with and holding our dogs

                Grooming (Brushing and Combing)

                Walking (Training to walk on leash)


                Bathing dogs and puppies

Some of the duties involved in socialization of our cats are:

                Holding and Petting

                Grooming (Brushing/Combing)

                Playing (Using kitty toys, strings, etc.)  

Spending time holding them, playing with them, and grooming them, gives them much needed attention that many of them have never had before.  This interaction helps the animals become comfortable with human contact and makes them much more adoptable.

Animal Care (Everyday Cleaning)

This position allows you to get down and dirty.  Keeping the kennels and cages sanitary and fresh is one of our greatest needs.  So, if you are willing to help our animals live in a healthy, clean environment, this job is for you!  You will probably get some TLC yourself because the kennel staff will worship at your feet.  You would work alongside our staff to maintain the healthy conditions of our animal shelter.

Some of the duties involved in animal care are:

                Cleaning Kennels

                Cleaning cages

                Cleaning food bowls

                Cleaning toys

Shelter Care (Everyday Cleaning)

Believe it or not, in order to make our animals more adoptable, we need to have our shelter clean and inviting when adoptees come in the front door to look for their new friend. 

Some of the duties involved in shelter care are:

                Sweeping and Mopping


                Stocking Shelves with supplies

                General Cleaning (bathrooms, windows, walls, etc.)

Being a Foster Family

Having foster homes allows us to take in litters of puppies and kittens.  All that is required is that you enjoy caring for these little ones, love them and keep them safe!

Customer Service Assistance

Do you like meeting and talking with people?  If so, we need you now!

Some of the duties involved in customer service are:   

                Answering the phone and taking messages

                Greeting people as they come in the front door

                Guide visitors to the adoption areas and answer frequently asked  questions

                Explain the adoption process and how it works

                Help guests complete adoption applications and take their new friend home

                Assisting with contacting rescue organizations

Humane Education

Do you enjoy public speaking and communicating with pre-schoolerís to adults?  We need people to do the following.

                Make appointments with schools, clubs, etc.

                Share your compassion for animals

                Explain what the humane society does for our animals and our community

                Accept recruits for volunteering and financial assistance

                Assist people who take pets to nursing homes

Special Events and Fund Raising Assistance

You can help in the planning and execution of our special events and fund raisers. These fun events provide a diverse range of opportunities to use your skills and creativity.

Miscellaneous Needed Help

Assisting with animal emergency calls

Transporting animals to and from Vet

Helping list Pets for adoption

Financial help in specific situations (Emergency Vet Care)


Sumter Humane Society
Sumter Humane Society
108 Industrial Blvd.
Americus, GA  31719

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